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Updated: May 9th, 2024

Dear Business Builder,

Let's be honest.

Growing a business is really, really hard.

Right now, you're being pulled in a million directions.

Your entrepreneurial mind is throwing a new idea at you every 8 seconds.

You have a "dream" (that's your business).

You want to make something of it.

But you can't stop thinking...

Should I start binge-posting on social media?

Should I run ads? 

Should I make a website?

Should I find an a.i that'll make one for me?

EEEEV'RYONE'S talkin' about a.i...

You are juggling the million-in-one tasks of running a business.

Face it, your to-do list is longer than last week's Costco receipt.

But guess what!!

Marketing doesn't have to be on it.

That's right, drop that hot potato and back away slowly...

We're a marketing agency with laser focus

—like cats chasing that red dot level of attention

Focused on taking passersby from "who the heck are you?" to "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" faster than you can say ROI.

While you’re mastering your trade or practice,

We're over here, converting clients like we're minting money.

Leave the lead-chasing hustle to us;

Because in the high-speed race for results,

We make your competition look like the neighbourhood soapbox rally.


Hit the button...*

*WARNING: this option may lead to exponential future business growth and will definitely result in the involved parties receiving free value regardless of outcome.

Key Services

Website Design

Professional web design is an undeniable staple to the online presence of any business or brand. At Chromagora, we believe that a website is how clients get to dive into the nitty gritty of what you stand for as a business; a responsibility never to be taken lightly.

Domain Hosting

A relevant domain name that's uniquely your's is how you will be recognized, searched and remembered across the web. But it is much more than that! From custom email addresses ([email protected]), secure private file storage and sharing, to traffic analytics and tracking, your domain is an essential tool to help you take control of your digital footprint like nothing else.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (oh, sorry; "X"), YouTube, ...Snapchat? You get the idea. These platforms are everywhere and (love 'em or hate 'em) over half the people on planet earth are on them. So you should be posting your business on them... right!? So many juicy eyeballs. So much potential for attention. But... So. Much. Work.

Thankfully, we're equipped with strategies and resources that take advantage of ever-changing algorithmic trends. Getting your brand in front of your crowd with relieving structure, consistency and predictability.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The technical side of website management that involves strategically placing words around your site which your customers are already searching for. Even going as far as to dive into the metadata of a website so that when purchase-ready clients are searching the web for something you provide, they find exactly what they're looking for... YOU!

Online Advertising

Ads are everywhere. They're how companies like Google and Facebook make their billions. So what if you ran ads? Ever tried it? Considered it but were hesitant? Paying to put your business out there online is possibly the most efficient form of high-volume outreach there is. But what does it cost? is it really worth it? How do I even know who's seeing my ads? What am I actually paying for?

Let's just say, your ROI is what counts when it comes to ads (and anything else in marketing for that matter). Our tools and strategies will get you visibility that converts passersby to faithful customers with a relieving level of efficiency and predictability. The only thing dropping faster than this drop-down will be your competition's jaw when they see your results!

Sales Funnels

High-converting high-quality leads, generated by an expertly crafted sales funnel that provides your audience with an offer that makes anyone feel stupid to refuse. When done right, these are a true force to be reconned with in the business world.

GMB Management (Google My Business)

Depending on your business, a well established and optimized GMB page could be the difference between being noticed, and never being found to begin with. When most people are in need of a local service, where's the first place they go? You guessed it; GOOGLE! Showing up on google maps when people search for local businesses sounds great, but without a properly optimized GMB page, your competition will be stacked on top of you higher then last Sunday's guilty plate of pancakes. Your client sees your competition and gives them a call before getting a chance to discover the unique value that your business has to offer.

Online Reputation Management

When it comes to reputation, you likely find yourself in a constant battle with insecure internet trolls who would sacrifice their right arm just to give you a bad rep. No more random 1-star reviews from user yourmomsaguy69. No more karens dishing out 1 star reviews because they didn't like the way way that one technician wore his hat that one time. You've come too far to let these things sully your hard-earned reputation.


From logo design to branded merchandise and outreach strategies, the brand of a business is the pulse that brings your community together over shared values, needs and interests.

ROI Tracking and Reporting

When it comes to investing in products and services to scale your business, it's important to know that you're getting ample return on your investment. This is why we provide regular, detailed ROI reports, to ensure full transparency and allow you to visualize the exceptional difference you'll experience with Chromagora.

A.I Tools

Call it the future, call it the devil -It's A.I; the possibilities are truly endless.

Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Integration

Are you constantly juggling numerous online calendars as well as a couple physical ones just to stay on top of your schedule? Tracking down clients/prospects from no-show appointments while trying not to double-book? We have calendar solutions for integration with your website, GMB, social media accounts and more, so your clients can seamlessly make bookings while you stay on top of everything without wasting anyone's precious time.

And SO MUCH more...

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